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Certificate in Foundation Studies


SMY’s  Foundation Certificate in Business Studies is the preparatory course especially designed for High School Graduates and other Talented Applicants who want to gain the subject-specific knowledge and many more academic skills for advanced further university study. The course can be completed in 3 months.

Awarding Body

SMY International College

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age 16 year old
  • No formal qualifications are required

Assessment Methods

Written Assignments, Examinations

Graduation Requirements

Obtained a pass in all modules

Course Modules & Course Synopsis

1. General English (Intermediate)

  • Verb Forms – Parts of Speech – Present Simple/Continuous
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Present Perfect/Past Simple
  • Present Perfect Simple/Continuous
  • Past Simple/Continuous/Perfect
  • Future forms: will/(be) going to/present continuous
  • Zero and First Conditionals
  • Reported Speech
  • Modals of obligation, permission, probability and advice
  • Second and Third Conditionals

2. Academic Skills

  • Write reports that maintain a standard of academic integrity
    Intro Different forms of Academic Writing – Reports
    Reports – Plagiarism, Citations, VAs.
  • Produce clear, engaging and accurate presentations
    Presentations – Paraphrasing
    Sentence Structure – Presentations
    Student Presentations – transitions- Subordinators and Coordinators
  • Produce different forms of academic writing
    Essays – Summaries
    Sentence Structure – Reflective Writing
  • Read, understand and summarise texts
    Reading Comprehension – Organizing Ideas

3. Business Writing

  • Distinguish between formal and informal writing and the situations that require them
    Intro Different forms of Business Writing – Formal/Informal
    Formal Informal – Structure and parts of a Business Letter – Letters Requesting Information
  • Produce a variety of formal written communication
    Letters Requesting and giving information
    Letters of Complaint
  • Produce a variety of informal written communication
    Memos and Emails
  • Produce cover letters and Curriculum Vitae
    CVs and Cover Letters
  • Produce a collaborative item of written business communication
    Class Assignment

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